We are often asked where to read more about film scoring. Here are just a few very high quality reading resources, listed in no order of priority or importance.

The Film Music Society

The Journal of Film Music

The Society of Compsers and Lyricists – SCORE

Sound and Vision: 60 Years of Motion Picture Soundtracks, by Jon Burlingame

Music for the Movies, by Tony Thomas

Double Life: The Autobiography of Miklos Rozsa, Composer in the Golden Years of Hollywood by Miklos RozsaJerry Goldsmith (Film Music Masters), by Karlin/Tilford

Jerry Goldsmith: An American Film Institute Seminar on his work (Seminars / American Film Institute), by Jerry Goldsmith

TV’s Biggest Hits: The Story of Television Themes from “Dragnet” to “Friends,” by Jon Burlingame

The Last Prodigy: A Biography of Erich Wolfgang Korngold, by Brendan G. Carroll

Film Music Notebook, by Elmer Bernstein

On the Track, by Fred Karlin and Rayburn Wright

Hugo Friedhofer: The Best Years of His Life: A Hollywood Master of Music for the Movies, edited by Linda Danly

Listening to Movies: A Film Lover’s Guide to Film Music, by Fred Karlin

Movie Music: An Insider’s View, by Charles Bernstein

Film Music and Everything Else, by Charles Bernstein

The Emerging Film Composer, by Richard Bellis

Advanced Techniques for Film Scoring, by Earle Hagen

Composing Music for Film, by Jack Smalley

The Art of Writing Music: A Practical Book for Composers and Arrangers, by John Cacavas

Elmer Bernstein: An American Film Institute Seminar on his work (Seminars / American Film Institute) by Elmer Bernstein

Alex North, Film Composer: A Biography, With Musical Analyses of a Streetcar Named Desire, Spartacus, the Misfits, Under the Volcano, and Prizzi’s Honor by Sanya Shoilevska Henderson and John Williams

S. Prokofiev: Autobiography, Articles, Reminiscences by Sergei Prokofiev, Rose Prokofieva, and S. Shlifstein

Dimitri Tiomkin: A Portrait, by Christopher Palmer

Please Don’t Hate Me, by Dimitri Tiomkin

Hollywood Holyland, by Ken Darby (tales of scoring The Greatest Story Ever Told with Alfred Newman)

Film Music: A Neglected Art : A Critical Study of Music in Films, by Roy M. Prendergast

Reel Music: Exploring 100 Years of Film Music, by Roger Hickman

The Invisible Art of Film Music, by Laurence E. MacDonald

Did They Mention the Music?: The Autobiography of Henry Mancini

It’s More Than Do-Re-Mi: My Life in Music, by John Cacavas

Sounds and Scores : A Practical Guide to Professional Orchestration, by Henry ManciniMusic on Demand: Composers and Careers in the Hollywood Film Industry, by Robert R. Faulkner

Memoirs of a Composer Nobody Ever Heard Of, by Earle H. Hagen

Stu Who? Forty Years of Navigating the Minefields of the Music Business, by Stu Phillips

A Guide to Film Music – Songs and Scores, by Roger L. Hall

Music Arranging and Orchestration, by John Cacavas